xine-lib: splitting off patented stuff

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Sun Dec 11 03:46:42 GMT 2005

Sebastian Dröge wrote:
> Currently I have the following parts of xine-lib which are suspect...
[ ... much talk of bundled sources for stuff we have elsewhere in the
distribution ... ]
> all other parts of the sources are safe

For all the things which exist elsewhere, can you please just delete
those sources from the orig.tar.gz (re-pack as
foo_1.2.3.dfsg.orig.tar.gz, or something), and make the package link
against the libraries we already ship?  As part of my ongoing battle to
reduce duplication, we really, really, really don't want things shipping
their own static copies of any libraries.

Of course, if the sources are completely free and unencumbered, you
don't necessarily have to delete them, but you still shouldn't compile
them in.  For anything with "questionable legal status", though, you may
as well just delete it and re-pack the tarball.

... Adam

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