Another Colony 3 report

Farhad Shakiba fshakiba at
Fri Aug 26 14:58:12 CDT 2005

I performed a clean install of colony 3 on a dell inspiron 8600 which
was running hoary previously. The install was flawless and no errors
were encountered and the laptop successfully booted to X. All
applications work fine even after downloading all the updates (minus
gstreamer apps crashing).

First problem I ran into was that the mouse wheel ZAxis info was not
auto detected and I had to add it manually to xorg.conf.

During the install I had a logitech wireless usb mouse plugged in and
both the touchpad and the mouse were detected. However after removing
the logitech mouse and rebooting the laptop, X refuses to start
stating a missing core pointer. Manually removing "CorePointer" from
/dev/input/mice and adding it to /dev/psaux section (for the touchpad)
allows X to start again however the touchpad refuses to work.

This laptop has an alps touchpad and previously on hoary I had tried
compiling a vanilla 2.6.12 that includes alps patches, and I had an
identical experience (X would start but touchpad had no reponse). The
driver xorg.conf shows for the touchpad is "synaptics" which is what I
expected. Anything I am missing here?

The last thing I noticed was that gnome felt a bit less responsive
than 2.10 (menus taking longer to draw, etc). When GDM login screen
draws the background picture you can actually see the picture get
rendered one block at a time. This is on a Pentium M 1.8ghz and 1gig

Wonderful work on breezy so far. If you keep polishing it like this
soon I'll see my face on the desktop! :)

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