use of /usr/local by packages (again)

Alvin Thompson alvin-ubuntu at
Thu Aug 25 12:30:35 CDT 2005

Michael J. Lynch wrote:
> Yes...but the directory name implies it to be, in fact, a *local*
> directory and NOT either shared or a *remote* mount.  I understand
> what and why you are doing what you are doing, but using the
> directory in that way is a violation of it's defined and intended
> use.

that's NOT what the (Debian) FHS says. in fact the FHS says:

local	Local hierarchy (empty after main installation)
The /usr/local hierarchy is for use by the system administrator when 
installing software locally. It needs to be safe from being overwritten 
when the system software is updated. It may be used for programs and 
data that are shareable amongst a group of hosts, but not found in /usr.
This directory should always be empty after first installing a 
FHS-compliant system. No exceptions to this rule should be made other 
than the listed directory stubs.

the FHS explicitly says that this directory is sharable. and it is 
*extremely* clear on this point: nothing should be added to /usr/local 
except the *listed* directory stubs, which are bin, games, include, lib, 
sbin, share, and src. it unambiguously states that it should NOT be 
modified when system (aka distribution) software is added.


FHS reference:

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