New grub version needs testing

Pete Shinners pete at
Sun Aug 21 01:03:31 CDT 2005

Matthew Garrett <mjg59 <at>> writes:
> grub_0.95+cvs20040624-17ubuntu5 has just been uploaded and should hit 
> the archive soon. It contains a change to the stage 1 bootloader code 
> that will result in grub attempting to recover from situations where the 
> BIOS doesn't provide a boot device. This code /should/ only ever trigger 
> when boot would otherwise have failed anyway, but if people could try 
> reinstalling grub (you need to do grub-install /dev/hda or whatever) and 
> ensuring that their system still boots, that would be great. Don't worry 
> about letting us know that it works, but if it doesn't please file a 
> bug.

My encounter with the new grub was disastrous. I've filed a bug with more of the
details, but in case anyone else encounters problems, here's what I had to do.

The only way to get this resolved was with a spare linux rescue cd. I
reinstalled grub and pointed its root to the old Hoary partition I still have

The problem was a locked up machine at boot time,

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