breezy: boot screen hosed

Alvin Thompson alvin-ubuntu at
Fri Aug 19 16:51:52 CDT 2005

hello all,

with more recent versions of breezy, my boot screen and text consoles
are hosed. what should be the bottom of the screen is now in the middle
and the text wraps off the bottom and back to the top. when it wraps
around, the text at the top is smaller and some of the lines are
missing. it makes the console unusable and just plain looks nasty. i
believe that the new graphical boot stuff is trying to use a video mode
that isn't supported by my wide screen laptop (an emachines m5414).
native resolution is 1280x800.

i tried removing the "quiet" and "splash" commands from "menu.lst", but
the consoles are still messed up. anyone know how to fix this?


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