UbuntuExpress status: update

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 10 04:28:22 CDT 2005

On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 06:33:36AM +0100, Juan Jesús Ojeda Croissier wrote:

> Well, at this moment we have some packages created for the UE.

You did not mention where the packages could be found.

> They are not totally functionals, but very soon they will. I mean, the
> packages are functionals, but some code's parts are not finished or fully
> tested.  We've structured the UE on these packages:
> - ubuntu-express
> - ubuntu-express-frontend (virtual package)
> - ubuntu-express-artwork (virtual package)
> - ubuntu-express-doc (virtual package)
> In Ubuntu case:
> - ubuntu-express-frontend-gtk
> - ubuntu-express-ubuntu-artwork
> - ubuntu-express-ubuntu-doc
> With this structure we try to simplify the branding and the GUI change.

Feature freeze is tomorrow, and simplicity is the best way to meet our
deadlines.  The simple approach is to use a single package, so I would
prefer this for the initial drop.

> For our purpose, we also needed created others packages:
> - Gparted (with some changes for well embeded into the installer)
> - autopartman (this is no ready at this moment, but we're working on it.
> At this moment we got the different partman-*.udeb and some dependencies
> into *.deb, but we need to clean up of d-i stuff and put into a single
> package)
> The bootloader config is almost done. For this config and the network
> config we use the 'setup-tool-backends', which are pretty good stuff and
> very complete. We're working on improving the bootloader config for
> Windows cases with extra work, but the most of the work is already done.
> As we were fighting with the partman udeb packages and their
> dependences, we need a bit more time to integrate the partman-auto into
> the UE. But we're close to fix that.

So currently, there is no working boot loader or partitioning functionality?
If so, this does not bode well for feature freeze (tomorrow).

> So tomorrow (9th), after we finished some of those parts and
> shorted/cleaned up the code, we'll ship to the installer team a group of
> packages. Then they will decide what to do with them.

The 9th is over, even in my time zone. ;-)  To whom did you send these
packages? (we agreed that code drops would be sent to me)

 - mdz

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