Bootloader Error 18

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Mon Aug 8 04:19:56 CDT 2005


This is the wrong mailing list for such questions, I refer you to the
ubuntu-users mailing list, you can find information about it here


18 : Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS
    This error is returned when a read is attempted at a linear block
    address beyond the end of the BIOS translated area. This generally
    happens if your disk is larger than the BIOS can handle (512MB for
    (E)IDE disks on older machines or larger than 8GB in general).

Ask the ubuntu-users mailing list how you can fix this)


On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 10:40:37AM +0200, Slabber A <14565471 at> wrote:
> Hi, I installed Ubuntu 5.04 and when the installation was finish and my PC rebooted it said:
> "GRUB loading stage 1.5 "
> "GRUB loading pleas wait."
> "Error 18"
> There it froze, I couldn't do anything, had to eventually re install Windows. I really want to start using Linux, please help.
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