Vpn Client for Ubuntu

Thomas Mathiesen thomas at linprofs.com
Wed Apr 20 03:34:37 CDT 2005

Guys and girls,

I heard that someone asked for a vpn client for linux.. and I had the same
questions some two weeks ago.

I've managed to create one in Gambas (on Ubuntu). We're providing businesses
with LINXU DESKTOPS :), and we really needed a decent client.

My client, GoVPN, works with OpenVPN 2.0. Not all features of OpenVPN is
included, but it's a matter of doing a few lines of more coding.

If someone wants to test and give me feedback on this, please do.

More information about GoVPN:

I've released the source, debian packages and fedora packages.

PS: I am not gonna stay on this mailing list, as I don't have time to read
everything.. so contact me on my email address; thomas (at) linprofs dot com.


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.... what McDonalds is to gourmet cooking"

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