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Tue Apr 19 04:20:12 CDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Molot wrote:

> Advices are great... and it would be a solution if we would want to
> maintain 1 - 100 packages (I've read them anyway, more knowledge not
> hurts). But what we want & need to do is to download 1000~2000 source
> packages and then compile (with own flags) and pack them into binary
> packs.
> Does anyone here know any way to do massive recompilation? I belive
> that it is possible, since it would be a real hell on the earth if the
> official team would be forced to manyually recompile each single
> package when distribution's optimization flags should change (new
> release and similar issues). Especially when there are good src packs
> already...

That's what buildd's do: they compile source packages into binary
packages, and take care of dependancies. They also give you log files
with error messages when things go wrong, and you can resubmit the
packages for compilation after that.

You'd probably need a complete copy of the (source) archive for yourself
though.. with custom version numbers for the versions with new
compilation options.

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