Ubuntu Hardened volunteers recruitment

Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at yahoo.it
Sun Apr 17 17:52:25 CDT 2005

For me it would be just a dream!

I have packaging skills, C/C++/python skills...
I'm a contributor to same opensource project (fann and linuxtv mainly).
I like ubuntu and GNU world.

I'm a software engenieer and Ph.D. Student. :-)

Alle 00:03, lunedì 18 aprile 2005, Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro ha scritto:
> Hi,
> The intention of this announcement is to advice on the "recruitment"
> being done by the Ubuntu Hardened team.
> Even if anyone can contribute, a formal developers team is needed, and
> we are currently a few people, but during the last weeks I've found that
> the work needs to be organized and done by more people, as we can't
> handle all the stuff: upstream work (at least for me), testing,
> packaging while doing minimal changes, bug reporting, activities
> tracking, wiki pages maintenance... etc.
> Thus, we are looking for people interested in being part of the
> development team, with wishes of learning, having fun, working within
> the team and contributing to a wonderful project, that is, Ubuntu Linux.
> We are not looking for people with special skills, the will of learning
> is the most important one, but these would be much appreciated:
>  - Debian packaging skills.
>  - toolchain-related skills.
>  - experience working with SELinux
>   - policy development and/or maintenance.
> If you think you have something to contribute with or you just want to
> know the experience of working with people with common goals, ideas and
> wishes of learning and contributing to Ubuntu Linux (and also Debian in
> the long term), don't hesitate and drop us a line.
> Cheers,

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