XXI century and still using 386 packages...

Xan DXpublica at telefonica.net
Fri Apr 15 05:38:35 CDT 2005

Dijous 14 Abril 2005 19:33, en/na Molot (<Molot <dlist at ubuntuforums.org>>) va 
>>Re: XXI century and still using 386 packages...
> Idea is to make loop like below:
> 1) download source package from repository (we have about 10GB of
> workspace on each compiling comp)
> 2) build the package with optimizations to a binary package (apt-build
> or sth like that)
> 3) send it to our repository (now we have about 40GB for repository)
> 4) clear workspace - delete all files that are unneeded now
> Each computer will compile packages from one group. When it will be
> finished, we make it work on next group.
> It is basic idea about "how".
> Where we will put our repository? Dunno now. We have space for it, and
> mashine, but we don't want it to work on 64kbps line (that's what we
> can get for free now)... So we are looking for free internet connection
> for it. I hope if.pw.edu.pl will agree (about 1 or 2Gbps), but we need
> to talk to people there... So, basicaly, don't know where will be the
> public accespoint to it.

Okay. Thanks for the info.
Can you CCme when you have a decent network upload?

Perhaps I would like to try it....


> Any more info needed?
> PS: It will be in Poland ;)
> --
> Molot

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