XXI century and still using 386 packages...

Xan DXpublica at telefonica.net
Wed Apr 13 07:31:41 CDT 2005

Alberto Núñez Wrote: 
> I suppose I'm not the first that comment this... 
> We are in 2005, with new technologies and amazingly fast systems...
> and we are using prehistoric system aimed packages. How many people
> does use a 386 desktop computer? How many people use a 486 desktop
> computer? Even Pentiums, nobody surf internet today with a pentium
> (well, someone...)

Viewing from the point of view of desktop user (me ;-)), I think that it could 
be good to have i686 in the sense of perfomance test, but without leaving 
i386 packages (there are people that have old 486 in your house; perhaps we 
could do some recyclation with old pc's)

Perhaps it were good thing to have both types of packages: for every program, 
build i386, i486, i586 and i686 packages. Does it suppose so amount of work to 
do that?. These subarchitectures are similar, so the packages have to be more 
similar. So I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the maintain of these four 
subarch's is much easy than maintain a new arch.

[And, for having less work, the developers could do obligatory the i386 
packages and optionally ix86 (with x > 3).]

So perhaps it could be factible to do that, but I'm not the technician....

With this perhaps we satisfy both parts: Alberto Nuñez and people who have old 
pc (Old pentium...) and always we could install the i386 or specific subarch 

What do you think?


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