OT: Mark made my day!

Owen Stenseth owen at bonemachine.org
Tue Apr 12 10:07:35 CDT 2005

> I'll give you one more example.
> If I were to whine about the fact that by default Ubuntu has only one
> wallpaper and 10.000 useless ugly screensavers you'd think I'm crazy BUT
>  from a certain point of view that's valid.
> Why don't we have a nice set of wallpapers and a nice, small, set of
> screensavers. Don't install every screensaver available, use only a select
> few.
> Provide some choice in wallpaper right from the start... maybe some nice
> scenery or maybe some cute kittens. Is not like you have to waste a lot of
> time maintaining those JPGs... you can even have a poll about what to
> include. My mom treated the installing of a wallpaper on her work computer
> with the same seriousness as I might treat installing a vital app.

Further to this is the forced installation of GL based screen savers. If you do not have a machine with a 3D card they are slow and in some cases make it difficult to log back into the computer. If you remove xscreensaver-gl you have to remove ubuntu-desktop.


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