Graphical installer in Breezy

David Walker dave at
Sun Apr 10 23:56:43 CDT 2005

I have been hacking around on GTK framebuffer coding recently and find 
it to be quite simple.  I also have been working on making a GTK 
interface for the debian-installer in my free time.  It is not all 
there, but some of the features are.

I don't know if there are proof-of-concept designs out there for either 
one you mentioned, but if there are I would love to know where I can 
take a look at them.

A question, has there been any talk on creating a new installer.  Not 
just a front-end for the debian-installer. 

Dave Walker
Computer Science House
azrail at

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

>On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 09:22:22AM +0200, Michael Anckaert wrote:
>>Just went through the Breezy Wiki but didn't found any more information
>>on the graphical installer.
>>I've had some experience modifying Anaconda (the Red Hat installer), so
>>I'd like to offer my help. 
>>I know the team's love of Python, so I think it should be a good idea to
>>fork or modify Python to Ubuntu's needs. But as the Wiki says, there is
>>some proof-of-concept, didn't find it unfortunately. 
>>What are the teams opinions about Anaconda and using it as the Ubuntu
>>Linux installer?
>Anaconda has been discussed in the past and found not to meet our needs as a
>basis for a graphical installer for Ubuntu.
>We currently have two proposed designs for a graphical installer, and they
>are not mutually exclusive.  One involves adding a GTK-on-framebuffer
>frontend to the current installer (most likely in C), and the other involves
>developing an installer UI which runs under X on the live CD (most likely in
>Both of these approaches will be discussed at length at the Ubuntu Down
>Under conference later this month, and we intend to implement at least one
>of them in Breezy.
>(Readers: Please don't follow up just to express an opinion about one option
>or the other, only to discuss concrete development ideas)

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