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> VETSEL Patrice Wrote: 
> > 
> > 1 /
> > a right click on a picture must allow me to make this picture the
> > background
> > 
> I really think this should be done. It is true that there shouldn't be
> too much options in the menus, but now if you have a nice picture that
> you want as a background, it just takes waaaay too many steps to get
> it there.

It's starting to sound like you folks want GNOME to look and act like
Windows. If that's what you want then why not just run windows yourself?

I mean really, it's not *that* much trouble to switch wallpaper the way
it is; right-click on the desktop -> Change Desktop Background -> drag
image from an open nautilus window and drop it onto the Desktop
Background Preferences dialog. As someone else pointed out, changing
background images isn't something most people do multiple times an hour.

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