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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Sun Apr 10 07:59:28 CDT 2005

Le dimanche 10 avril 2005 à 13:55 +0200, VETSEL Patrice a écrit :
> First, Hoary is excellent !!! Thx for all the team.


Thank you.

> 1 /
> a right click on a picture must allow me to make this picture the background

I don't think that's a good idea. You don't change the background that
often and that's better to have short menus. You can dnd to the desktop
or the background capplet which is simple enough. You can also an option
on the desktop when right clicking to change the background.

> 4/
> A right click on an iso image should offer user to mount it.

Mounting an iso is not a "standard" action, that's probably not a good
candidate for the context menu. Maybe dnd to the computer place should
do this or something like that.

> 5/
> no audio burn tool installed by default. Please choose one like graveman
> or gnomebaker or coaster ...

Right, for hoary there was not good option for the feature freeze. We
will reconsider that for breezy.

> 7/
> No way to edit menus. May be gnome 2.12 solved that, if not you have to
> install a menu editor.

Read the archive list, that has been discussed several time.

> 8/
> Evolution always need spamassassin, but it's not installed.

> 14/
> No easy interface for fstab  and grub configuration

What is "fstab" ? That should "just work".

> 15/
> No test on the boot to find hardware configuration change since last
> boot. A wizard could pop up to edit fstab and partition a new disk.

Right, rather that than 14/.

> 17/
> may be when i want to play a mp3/divx with totem (or rhythmbox), totem
> must explain me that's bad, but offer me to install "mp3/divx pluggin"

Not easy to do due to the patents issue.


Sebastien Bacher

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