Spatial mess prevention

sanjeevdas dlist at
Tue Apr 5 13:03:03 CDT 2005

Buffalo Soldier Wrote: 
> > MaX Wrote: 
> > Have a link to Nautilus in browsermode in accessories if ppl want
> > that./QUOTE]Applications -> System Tools -> File Browser.> > 
> If that is hidden too deep in the menus, put it in Places. I think a
> combination of the following might be better than the radical step
> that has been taken:
> 1. Put a link to nautilus in browse mode under "Places"
> 2. Default nautilus to browser mode
> 3. Some people don't like the real esate that the browser mode takes.
> Switch off the side bar, status bar and location bar by default.
> The new way just seems too wrong for the reasons that alteady have
> been discussed before:
> 1.  It differs from upstream (are we going to forever patch
> nautilus?).
> 2. This radically affects day-to-day usage, very late in the release
> cycle. It's difficult to get good feedback on how this works with
> hoary releasing soon.
> 3. It breaks documentation.
> 4. It feels buggy.  you end up with windows that jump around rather
> strangely that get larger or smaller.
> 5. It is buggy. Clicking on Places opens a new window.
> Shift-double-click does not work if you set nautilus to activate on
> single click.
> 6. No GUI way to turn it off.
> 7. Too close to release with no time to fix bugs (what happend to
> feature freeze?).
> 8. Makes spatial file management less than optimal.
> So why? Why was this decision taken so late in the cycle? Did this
> happen because of one persons whim and fancy? Is this how Ubuntu is
> going to take decisions in future? What happened to the spirit of
> Ubuntu?


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