Spatial mess prevention

Chris Jones cmsj at
Mon Apr 4 03:58:50 CDT 2005


On Sat, 2 April, 2005 7:32, Jeff Waugh said:
> WARNING TO ALL: This kind of reaction is why this patch is so dangerous.

Damn straight, thanks Jeff. When I updated yesterday and my nautilus went
all "wrong" I was worried, but I can see there is some clear thinking now

As you point out, this new default behaviour is seriously confusing, so
why not leave spatial browsing as it is supposed to be and simply have
nautilus default to browser mode and provide a simple option in it's
Behaviour preferences to flick it back to the full, glorious spatial mode?

Perhaps sabdfl needs to spend some quality time with the Amiga's Workbench
to truly appreciate the superiority of spatial browsing ;)

Chris Jones
  cmsj at

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