Userlinux and Progeny

Fábio Mendes niels_bohr at
Tue Sep 21 17:53:38 CDT 2004

Wouldn't it be very logical if Ubuntu would share (at binary level) the
Base Seed packages and even the d-i sources with Userlinux? And the same
with Progeny's componets linux? This way bugs could be tracked and
resolved more quickly in both lands and specially hardware detection
issues would have a faster treatment. This would also set a great de
facto standard for modern debian based distros and force debian
structure to absorve most of Ubuntu/Progeny/Userlinux achievements and
decisions faster (like gnome 2.8 debs or using instead of XFree86,
for example). Do you guys think it's technically feasible for the next
(pre)release of all those distros? (of course, assuming that will be
interest from all parts...) Was there any discussion with Bruce Perens
or Ian Murdock on the subject? If all players succeed in their goals,
the final product will have little user level difference being it
Ubuntu, Progeny Componets and Userlinux and there's a lot of overlap in
their objectives, so I wonder if it'll make sense to have a common
development structure.


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