Next steps (or, life after the Warty Preview)

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Fri Sep 17 05:17:01 CDT 2004

Welcome to ubuntu-devel, especially those of you joining us for the first
time.  This list will now serve as the primary discussion forum for Ubuntu
development.  There's plenty of work to be done, so please try to maintain a
high signal/noise ratio on this list.  General discussion and questions
about Ubuntu should be directed to ubuntu-users at, and
posts to ubuntu-devel should be limited to development matters.

The preview release is now out the door, and I think we've met our every
goal with it.  Congratulations to the Ubuntu team, and thanks to everyone
who provided ideas and testing as well.  The preview, and the feedback that
it is generating, provide a solid foundation for the remainder of the
release effort.

>From now until the Warty final release in October, we'll be working to:

 * Identify and fix showstopper bugs, including:
  * Hardware support issues
  * Serious usability problems
  * Security exposures
 * Integrate a few components which didn't make it in time for the preview
  * ATI binary drivers
  * An ubuntu-base package which will house some extra goodies
  * The Ubuntu custom artwork and themes
 * Expand universe to include additional software not available from Debian
 * Implement infrastructure for post-release support (especially security

There's more to discuss, but it's getting late here...

 - mdz

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