usermode suite on Red Hat

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Sun Oct 31 02:26:07 CST 2004


Does anyone have some insight into the use of Red Hat's usermode suite
in Ubuntu? Particularly security and OS integration issues. I've put
tarballs/specfiles of their latest packages up on people, and (lightly)
tested it out on my system.

libuser provides a standard (librarised!) interface to administration of
user and group accounts, with backends for standard files, shadow, ldap,
kerberos and sasl. On top of that, it provides a bunch of standard admin
apps (like chsh, passwd, usermod, etc) that use libuser to do their work
- very handy. It has a Python module to boot. (I think libuser would be
useful even if we didn't take on the usermode stuff.)

usermode provides a bunch of GUI foo, 'consolehelper' and 'userhelper',
which lets you run configured applications with superuser privileges.
Kinda like sudo only different. ;-)

- Jeff

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