mondo/mindi cannot be installed from Hoary's universe

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sat Oct 30 16:33:25 CDT 2004

I was looking this afternoon at Mondo/Mindi in Hoary's universe, and
it appears that it cannot be installed.

>From what I can gather, Mondo depends on Mindi.  But Mindi depends on
both Mindi-kernel and Mindi-Partimagehack.   The later is relatively
new Debian's package (late August) and doesn't seem to be in Univere
or in the buildlogs (I guess it wasn't imported for Hoary?).

As for Mindi-kernel, it fails to build  and the buildlogs indicates
that it depends on  kernel-source-2.4.27, which obviously is not
available in Ubuntu.

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