[doc] I would like to reschedule a doc meeting, instead of doing stuff in today's CC meeting.

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Oct 26 02:51:54 CDT 2004

Sivan Green wrote:
> Hello World(s),
>   I would like to reschedule the meeting that would govern future of
> the documentation team, leader election etc to tommorow.
>   We are going to make some important decisions so firstly I think it
> deserves a seperate meeting, just not to get in crowd and not to be
> stressed by CC meeting's tight schedule that might arise due to Hoary
> kickoff.

I would like to aggre with this sentiment.  The doc team have a *lot* of 
talking to do.

I propose that leadership and doc team matters should be kept on the CC 
meeting agenda to get the widest community reach and get as much 
potential interest and manpower closer to the doc team but descisions 
would be better left to a seperate meeting because we have lots to 
discuss that would bore the general community.

>   The other reason, is well, a persoanl one. I am not sure I would be
> able to attend it today (network infrastructure issues) and as I
> intend to be an active participator this would greatly relieve me to
> know it's rescheduled.

I also have problems with the timing of meetings.  At that time I get my 
son from school and then pick my gf up from work but as some people are 
staying up until the middle of the night to get to meetings I can miss 
the first hour ;-)


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