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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at canonical.com
Thu Oct 14 07:42:04 CDT 2004


Colin Watson [2004-10-14 10:14 +0100]:
> Well, as a technical suggestion, how about a debconf question in
> ubuntu-artwork to select the default (whether it's actually at a high
> enough priority to be *seen* is a different matter - "debconf question"
> != "question asked during the installation")

(see below)

> , and a one-liner in
> base-config to propagate the value of that question from d-i? That way,
> somebody who didn't want to ever see the current default artwork could
> boot with something like 'ubuntu-artwork/plain=true'.

Isn't it possible at all to reverse this to have plain=true as default
and set plain=false (or spicy=true or so) explicitly?

Since this is so controversial, I would vote against offending so many
potential users. Thus, if plain=true shall not be the default, then a
critical priority debconf question would be my next best preference.

Have a nice day!


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