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Daniel Borgmann spark-mailinglists at
Sun Oct 10 18:55:43 CDT 2004


unlike default GNOME, Ubuntu does not include the "Browse Filesystem..."
entry, which is basically the launcher for "Nautilus the browser". While
I'm not opposed to hide it, it seems weird to me that this
"application" (from a user POV it's a separate application) is available
from the "Browse Folder" context menu entry but not from the
applications menu. I'd suggest to put at least an item "File Browser" in
the Accessories menu. Those who actually use it could then use the menu
entry to create launchers on the panel or desktop (impossible right now,
unless the user knows the --use-browser syntax).
Hopefully it would also help the user to understand the difference
between "the browser" and normal folder windows, which is necessary for
them to understand the "Always open in browser windows" option.

Daniel Borgmann <spark at>

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