Consider disabling middlemouse.contentLoadURL by default

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at
Sat Oct 2 05:54:57 CDT 2004


Am Freitag, den 01.10.2004, 20:30 -0700 schrieb Jason Pearce:
> I submitted this as a bug and was told the best thing
> to do was to raise the issue for discussion
> ubuntu-devel. The text from my bug submission is
> copied in full below. It is an argument for disabling
> the middlemouse.contentLoadURL feature of Firefox by
> default. I submitted the bug late at night, but it
> should be sufficient to at least start the discussion
> here.

i think it integrates pretty well with the middle mouse policy of
nautilus. if you are used to middle click in nautilus (like i am....
ohers are probably not) for opening new windows it is pretty intuitive
and feels very well desktop integrated, i wouldn't disable this.

rather teach the user the usability advantages she gains using all three
mousebuttons in gnome :)


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