Consider disabling middlemouse.contentLoadURL by default

Martin Alderson martinalderson at
Fri Oct 1 22:35:29 CDT 2004

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

All I'm going to say. Needs fixed.

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004 20:30:16 -0700 (PDT), Jason Pearce
<jason_pearce at> wrote:
> I submitted this as a bug and was told the best thing
> to do was to raise the issue for discussion
> ubuntu-devel. The text from my bug submission is
> copied in full below. It is an argument for disabling
> the middlemouse.contentLoadURL feature of Firefox by
> default. I submitted the bug late at night, but it
> should be sufficient to at least start the discussion
> here.
> -Jason Pearce
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> While running the firefox browser is mostly an
> intuitive experience, it is very disconcerting when
> you meant to middle-click on a link to pop it open in
> a new tab and instead the tab your on loads some
> seemingly random page from the web. Yet this is what
> happens any time you miss click with the middle mouse
> button in the firefox browser. This is a feature of
> firefox, enabled by default, that can only be adjusted
> in the about:config URL, so it cannot be turned off by
> normal users. The preference name is
> middlemouse.contentLoadURL. Please disable this by
> default. I cannot stress this enough.
> Please disable middlemouse.contentLoadURL by default.
> It is non-intuitive. It is very disconcerting to
> someone who doesn't know why their browser suddenly
> changed pages when they didn't intend for it to
> change. And it is very annoying when you miss click
> when trying to middle-click a link and the browser is
> suddenly highjacked by whatever text happens to be in
> the select buffer.
> While the feature may be a boon to advanced users who
> never miss their mark with a mouse and know what the
> browser is doing when they middle click in the middle
> of nowhere on thier browser window, it is a very
> serious bane to every other user. Especially to any
> new users. Among other things it will give new users
> the impression that the browser is buggy and doesn't
> always go where they want it to. That is not the kind
> of impression that I think new users should get about
> the default browser included in Ubuntu.
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