Suggestion for easier post-install config esp. dialup users

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Thu Nov 25 22:14:37 CST 2004

> > Someone has to create a SUN JRE package that automatically integrates
> > with firefox.
> On this front, isn't there a Free jvm now that can do that?  I thought
> there was...  I rarely need Java myself.

maybe you are thinking of this one:
It is now available from Hoary's universe (but not Warty's), but the
warning on its web site makes it a big no-no for general usage ("The
current version does not provide a security manager capable of
handling Java (tm) applets. Applets have UNRESTRICTED access to your
computer. This means they can do anything you can do, like deleting
all your important data."

I really look forward to the day this project (or something similar)
becomes mature enough that we don't have to rely on Sun's Java package
for the large majority of Ubuntu's users and and their Java needs in
Firefox.  T

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