Dropping support for Mozilla suite?

psychoelmo psychoelmo at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 04:29:24 CST 2004

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 14:05:54 +0100, Martin Pitt
<martin.pitt at canonical.com> wrote:
> Hi Ubuntu folks!
> In Tuesday's community we discussed about the future of Mozilla. The
> Mozilla foundation seems to fade out support for the legacy Mozilla
> suite (packages mozilla-browser and mozilla-mailnews) in favor of the
> splitted new FireFox and Thunderbird packages.
> Therefore we would like to confine our attention to the new programs
> and drop support for Mozilla in Hoary if there are no serious
> regressions.
> So we have a question to the community: are there any advantages that
> you see for Mozilla that FireFox/Thunderbird do not have? Would you
> seriously miss Mozilla if we dropped support for it?

i think even considering dropping mozilla suite at this point in time
is jumping the gun a bit...

i use it daily for web browsing, email and news (and the occassional
quick page edit), have since day one of netscape communicator. it is
my primary internet app on windows, linux, os/2, mac, sun.....

mozilla and firefox (or firefox/thunderbird) are not the same. you
cannot place a complete suite in the same category as a stripped down
single task app.  until it is officially retired by mozilla.org, i
think it it has to stay (at least in main, as supported packages with
updates as they come available).

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