debian-cd hacking questions

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at
Wed Nov 24 19:13:31 CST 2004


I've started hacking on debian-cd to generate ISO images (the changes
I'd like to make are too big to be made by only modifying the original
warty ISOs).

Questions :
- I need to add software from universe and multiverse. I don't think it
  is supported by the current debian-cd, right ? If not, I'm just
  planning to grep -i restricted and see what need to be changed.

- Is ubuntu's debian-cd codebase managed somewhere via CVS or sthing ?
  I'd better get the latest version if I'm going to submit patches for
  some stuff.

- What's the correct way of building a Ubuntu mirror ? I'm trying to use
  debmirror, but it fails I use both the warty-updates dists, and the
  main/debian-installer section (because there's no main/di section in
  warty-updates). So I ended up doing a full rsync, but I'm not really

That's all for now :)
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