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Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Sat Nov 20 13:12:51 CST 2004

On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 03:42:25PM +0200, Sean Legassick wrote:
> Would you be interested in new packages? (like Galeon that wasn't 
> building at the time of the freeze, but is now) or functionality 

Hmmmmm.  I'd have to dig up my notes, but I had built Galeon locally
long enough before Warty's release that one of the Ubuntu gang was very
interested in hearing how it went.  The discussion would be in the
users list archive.  I recall that it worked fine with several
potentially challenging plugins, including the plugin part of
codeweavers' CrossOver Office - the first time I've ever had any luck
with that in a Debian-based installation.

Ah, there it is.  I added the final notes on galeon (after it had built
and was working on at least one machine <grin>) to my local UbuntuNotes
wiki page on 10/16, which is later than when I had it running, I'm
sure.  At the time it required (for compatibility with the Mozilla
version in Ubuntu) the very latest version, and at least on the day I
collected it there was an inconsistency in the Debian archives.  The
[unstable] package page listed 1.3.17-2, but the URLs in the links
pointed to a previous version.  1.3.17-2 was in fact online, it just
wasn't properly linked at the time.  So yeah, the version an automated
refresh would probably have grabbed then didn't build in Warty.

BTW, I was a bit disappointed with the loss of a lot of flexibilty in
Galeon's setup in this version.  On the whole I *think* I would choose
to piece together the missing functionality in Firefox by installing
extensions rather than putting up with a couple of things I don't like
(or don't like not being able to change on the fly) about Galeon's
setup, but I haven't lived with either on my desktop - I really need
some older versions of Python and a few other things there to support
current development, so at least for the time being my own upgrade path
appears to be Sarge.  OTOH, I'm about to yank Cally's old machine and
see how well she likes Ubuntu.  It should be an interesting weekend
even without getting ready for holiday guests.  :-)

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