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Alexey Molchanov alexey.molchanov at
Thu Nov 18 16:45:47 CST 2004


On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 17:54:25 +0100, Michael Banck <mbanck at> wrote:

> > I can not say anything about downloading support in Epiphany because I
> > don't use it, but I can about Firefox. Firefox often can't resume
> > download after connection breakage and it don't support cross session
> > resumable downloads at all (you can't add download to the queue, download
> > half of the file, shutdown Firefox, start Firefox again and resume
> > downloading this file).
> > This is a know bug in Firefox and if you desire I can give you links to
> > appropriate entries in mozilla's bugzilla. :) Do you still think that
> > such downloading "support" is enough for normal users?
> IMHO, it depends whether this is a known bug or a known 'wontfix' bug
> report.

No, it's not WONTFIX bug but I don't see much activity on it anyway.
This is it: "Cross Session resumable downloads"

Also look into some related bugs in mozilla code:

1. "general issues w/ resumable downloads (ftp+http) - ability to
manually/automatically restart/resume cancelled/failed/disconnected downloads"

2. "Implement a way to prevent the loss of downloads when mozilla crashes"

It seems this is a little off-topic here...

    Alexey Molchanov

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