Feature request: browsing filesystem in gnome "computer" menu

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at canonical.com
Thu Nov 18 14:26:22 CST 2004

<quote who="Peter Damoc">

> OSX will have it in Tiger and Tiger is just around the corner, I mean it is 
> due about the same time as Hoary.

OS X will have a deeply integrated indexing and search system for Tiger, not
an object-based 'file system'.

> Beagle should get into one of Hoary's repositories ASAP so that more people 
> get exposed to it... you know... so that more bugs could become visible.

Beagle is pre-alpha, and relies on software/features we're not shipping yet,
so it's not really something we can start testing in earnest yet. Although,
I would encourage anyone interested to test it from CVS.

- Jeff

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