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Wed Nov 10 05:31:25 CST 2004

Am Mittwoch, den 10.11.2004, 11:55 +0100 schrieb Andrea:
> cmon you can't say an nvidia geforce fx is usable on a laptop without
> official drivers... moreover if youve got a wide-screen... u cant go
> around with a 800*600 or a blinking 1024...
you will have to adjust the values in the XF86Config-4/xorg.conf for
widescreen for both drivers in any case....i think there is automation
needed very badly....

i have had no 800*600 or 60hz flicker on any fresh non-widescreen
install yet with the free nv drivers. they always work flawless if the
monitor is detected correctly...
and i also cant find any bugs about this in bugzilla....(but other ones
that describe breakages of software that seems unrelated in the first
spot but breaks through the binary drivers)  

> and im sorry but from your words i understand you never supported a
> real, as theyre called in italy, HOMINID.. if you change an icon, theyre
> simply lost: apt-get is another world.
about 50 ppl in real and a number i havent counted in IRC (look for
ogra) or on the mailing list (one of the real ppl is my mother (67) with
no clue of computers and 300km away from me with an imac....she managed
the install alone with me on the phone....big thanks to Colin for this
beautiful installer !!)


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