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Andrea cenerentola at
Wed Nov 10 04:55:53 CST 2004

Il giorno mer, 10-11-2004 alle 11:25 +0100, Oliver Grawert ha scritto:
> from my experience this is not hard to do, even for a unexperienced
> (and i have helped a good bunch of them up to now with ubuntu) 
> did you report your problems with the nv driver in bugzilla ?
> i never had problems with the nv driver, in fact i like it more if it
> comes to 2d.
> ciao
>       oli

cmon you can't say an nvidia geforce fx is usable on a laptop without
official drivers... moreover if youve got a wide-screen... u cant go
around with a 800*600 or a blinking 1024...

and im sorry but from your words i understand you never supported a
real, as theyre called in italy, HOMINID.. if you change an icon, theyre
simply lost: apt-get is another world.

ciao ciao

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