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See7a sameh.nabil at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 10:30:02 CST 2004

Is this possible for right to left languages? I need to read/write
Arabic sometimes, yet I can barely understand a few words from the
Arabic menus on other distros and on Windows. Somethings just have to
be in English.

I can go on trying the changes you suggested for now, but for future
releases I vote for making an easy to use GUI tool for this as g.l


On Sun, 07 Nov 2004 13:02:38 +0200, seadog at sealabs.net
<seadog at sealabs.net> wrote:
> On Σαβ, 2004-11-06 at 22:50 +0100, Miravlix wrote:
> > On lør, 2004-11-06 at 20:26 +0200, seadog at sealabs.net wrote:
> > >     I have some suggestions to improve localization in ubuntu. Here in
> > > Greece we have some not so common preferences about our desktop.
> > > Although we like to be able to read, write in greek, display the time in
> > > european format, we prefer a4 paper size most of us don't prefer greek
> > > speaking menus. Because our language it's not Latin based, the
> > > terminology is *completly* different from english and we have some
> > > difficult time trying to understand unsuccessfull tanslations in greek.
> > > So we generally prefer to see messages in the original, english speeking
> > > format. This problem may sound too much but believe me it's really a
> > > problem.
> >
> > I have the same problem with fully understanding translated text, I used
> > computers for many years before it got modern to translate them and I
> > just don't understand danish computer speak. :)
> >
> > What I do is change LC_MESSAGE to the en_DK locale, that way everything
> > else stays da_DK, but messages, menus in X, etc. stays English.
> >
> > ubuntu locales doesn't include en_XX for greek, but search the net, or
> > create one, should be fairly easy.
> > 
> I know that I can change the settings using /etc/enviroment for example.
> But what I am suggesting is that is should work out of the box even for
> the complete beginner so that we can make ubuntu even more user
> friendly.
> The gnome menus and others messages (Eg. evolution left menu) I think
> that look at the LANG variable rather than the LC_MESSAGES variable
> which is wrong in my opinion and should be changed.
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