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David Walker dave at
Wed Nov 3 16:15:55 CST 2004

On 11/3/04 4:43 PM, "Matt Zimmerman" <mdz at> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 07:13:00AM -0800, Joe Crawford wrote:
>>> what about the idea of dummy packages for Java, Eclypdeand other
>>> software that isn't included into ubuntu for licence or other reasons.
>>> The packages could include the nessesarym dependenties and a Script that
>>> download the Software from the Internet and bild a deb from it, install
>>> this deb.
> What you've described is what we call an installer package, rather than a
> dummy package (which is usually empty and only satisfies dependencies).
>> The same should be done with the nvdia driver. Someone with zero command
>> line knowledge or previous linux experience should be able to install both
>> of these without trouble.
> Installation of the nvidia driver has already been made trivial, though a
> single command is still necessary to enable it.  If someone would like to
> wrap this in a point-and-click GUI, that might be useful, but I can't say
> that I like the idea of cluttering the menu with it.  What is needed is a
> proper graphical configurator for X.
> Our Xperts are hard at work on, but there's certainly room for someone
> else to build such a thing if they have the necessary interest and skills.

I guess my knowledge of the licenses is a little foggy.  I don't quite
understand why packages like blackdown and eclipse are not allowed to be in
the universal tree?

Anyways, the point-and-click gui sounds like synaptic for the most part.  I
don't know what you mean by proper, I believe synaptic is pretty good for
what it does.  So I don't know what you had in mind as this X configuration

Dave Walker

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