[Fwd: Re: the extraversion problem]

Marvin Stodolsky marvstod at rcn.com
Tue Dec 14 09:04:48 CST 2004

Problem resolved.

If the Unbuntu 
is edited to:
and the original
edited to
Then after compilation of the drivers and
#  make install
the drivers are properly installed to:
`-- modules
        `-- extra
            |-- lt_modem.ko
            `-- lt_serial.ko

Thus the Debian Bug 285359   against kernel-build can be  dropped,
Note that in in the Ubuntu packages  linux-headers- and 
 there is assignment:
   Maintainer: Debian kernel team <debian-kernel at lists.debian.org>
so please transfer the Bug Report to those packages

The problem resides purely in the inappropriate split of  EXTRAVERSION  into
in linux-headers-
and -3-686
in linux-headers-

Credit to,

Alexei Chentsov <chentsov at univ.kiev.ua>

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Subject: 	Re: the extraversion problem
Date: 	Tue, 14 Dec 2004 10:26:33 +0200
From: 	Alexei Chentsov <chentsov at univ.kiev.ua>
To: 	Marvin Stodolsky <marvstod at rcn.com>
CC: 	Mark Spieth <mark at dclabs.com.au>
References: 	<41BBC27D.1000109 at rcn.com> 
<02f001c4e016$569a6d80$152ca8c0 at digivation.com.au> 
<41BC5C70.6030107 at rcn.com> 
<000e01c4e09c$d22b7580$36020a0a at raywood.local> 
<41BCD828.5040601 at rcn.com> <003701c4e0ed$1e90e5e0$85f19fd5 at futurer> 
<41BD9992.3080303 at rcn.com>

I couldn't find kernel-headers-*. It seems to be included in Ubuntu
which doesn't provide packages on the net.

I will talk about unstable debian packages kernel-headers-2.6.8-1*. I get
familiarized with them. They look Ok. Extra version is taken from
'.extraversion' file provided by kernel-headers-2.6.8-1-X package. But this
happens only if EXTRAVERSION in major Makefile is empty:
EXTRAVERSION := $(shell [ ! -f .extraversion ] || cat .extraversion)

I assume those problems were due to either Ubuntu making a mess or manual
editing of Makefile when
EXTRAVERSION was set to .1.

Marvin if you won't mind send the Makefile in question.


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