Terminal prompt

Sascha Morr sascha.morr at sturmkind.info
Wed Dec 22 13:39:46 CST 2004


i have a suggestion about the default terminal prompt. The normal prompt 
looks somethink like this:

heinz at workstation:~ $

I think a color code (green for user, red for root, and a color for the 
host) will be better.

As user sascha:

sascha at workstaton:~>
\___/  \_______/
green    blue

As root user:

root at workstaton:~>
\_/  \_______/
red    blue

Via ssh on another computer (not the problem ob ubuntu)

sascha at cerberos:~>
\___/  \_____/
green   yellow

This will the user easily show what kind of account he use on the 
terminal. Yes i know we don't use root at a normal installation but the 
most people i know using ubuntu has gave their root a passwort and use 
it via su.


Sascha Morr - Oberer Talweg 7 - 69436 Schönbrunn-Haag - Germany

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