Sound server issues, part 2 (experience with Array 2)

thully at thully at
Mon Dec 20 11:51:54 CST 2004

UPDATE: To properly fix this, you have to delete the whole spawn_options line
and put all the options that were there under default_options.
Quoting thully at

> I just tried Array 2 CD for the first time to install the system, and I
> noticed
> that esd has a different configuration.  However, this different
> configuration
> still sets esd to run in "hog /dev/dsp mode" by default.  While the
> spawn_options
> line has no line referencing default, it is no longer default to spawn esd.
> Thus, no options are being used.  Even though the plan is to move to
> polypaudio,
> it does seem like a good idea to fix this configuration - as the switch may
> not happen (you never know...) and this is a relatively simple fix - just
> move
> the
> current spawn_options to default_options and that should take care of issues
> with any non-esd apps the user may choose to run.

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