Sound server issues, part 2 (experience with Array 2)

thully at thully at
Mon Dec 20 00:25:32 CST 2004

I just tried Array 2 CD for the first time to install the system, and I noticed
that esd has a different configuration.  However, this different configuration
still sets esd to run in "hog /dev/dsp mode" by default.  While the
line has no line referencing default, it is no longer default to spawn esd.
Thus, no options are being used.  Even though the plan is to move to polypaudio,
it does seem like a good idea to fix this configuration - as the switch may
not happen (you never know...) and this is a relatively simple fix - just move
current spawn_options to default_options and that should take care of issues
with any non-esd apps the user may choose to run.

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