Creating audio CDs in Hoary.

Eric Feliksik milouny at
Wed Dec 15 09:34:25 CST 2004

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Marco Bonetti">
>>[sorry for the off-thread but I'm writing from webmail]
>>I've noticed this program which can be very useful:
>>it looks well integrated into gnome
> Yeah, we've been watching optimystic, gnome-baker and coaster - there are no
> packages for any of them so far, however. That would be a good first project
> for anyone interested in seeing one of these apps in Ubuntu.
> - Jeff

I, too, understood the rhythmbox people were integrating audio cd 
burning, and this was the way gnome at large wanted to solve this. I 
also heard they did not want to build audio-burning in gnome-cd-burner, 
and I assume they have good reasons.

I hope, however, that the audio-cd-burning will not _depend_ on (or even 
made as part of) rhythmbox; Shouldn't it be a tool that can operate 
independently, looks consistend in gnome, and can be called from 
different programs, like

a) calling from rhythmbox, as "burn to cd" option
b) calling from gnome-cd-burner ("Hey, you want to burn a bunch of files 
that are all audio. Do you intend to burn an audio cd?")
c) etcetera

We could imagine the stand-alone audio-burning tool would have similar 
functionality as gnome-baker, or any other simple looking program that 
just works. (But then without the stability objections of course).

Any ideas? Is this the way things are heading, or is gnome as a whole 
following the build-it-IN-rhythmbox-approach (which scares me)?



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