Quick brainstorming (long)

poptones dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Thu Dec 9 19:17:59 CST 2004

Now when using nautilus this is what one gets: 

left click: opens new nautilus window
middle click: opens new nautilus window and closes parent
right click: offers menu

Let's see now.. I can click Computer>Desktop Preferences>keyboard and I
can define a MACRO to any key on my keyboard as simply as pressing the

There can be a better way to use nautilus (ie one that allows both
"spatial" and "explorer" type use at the same time in nearly
transparent fashion) but I see no way to set it because there seems to
be no way (outside manually kludging the X11.conf file) to remap mouse
clicks - and even then I'm not sure that would do it.

All I want is to make nautilus remap middle click to "right
click>browse folder" but the notion of lowly users having this choice
seems to deeply offend certain very vocal listmember(s). To avoid
inciting yet another lengthy off-topic post on religion, I will ask
instead is there an "unsanctioned" way to do this without having to
recompile my own version of nautilus? 

I have googled several key phrases and find nothing about an easy to
use mouse macro creation tool.. does such a thing exist?


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