Ubuntu blues

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 19:13:19 CST 2004

> First, the system is a K6 500 MHz with 192 Mb RAM and a 4.3 Gb HDD
> Thoughts:
> 1. GNOME could be an overkill;  and after I managed to start GNOME it felt
> like a virus infected install of windows, the cursor moved in slow motion, the
> programs allowed me to go get refreshments in the time they took to start. 
> What gives? I think Ubuntu should provide a light alternative for older system. 
> Pick one (I vote for ROX) and make it integrate with the rest of ubuntu.

I'm running Ubuntu Warty  (using the default Gnome) on a PIII 500MHZ
with 192 Mb of RAM, and I'm not experiencing any type of slowdown like
described in that e-mail.

It is an older system and I have to say it's kind of neat to run
cutting-edge software technology for day-to-day operation without the
need to run light-sized Windows manager alternatives.

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