Creating audio CDs in Hoary.

Sascha Morr sascha.morr at
Tue Dec 7 03:26:10 CST 2004

Jeff Waugh schrieb:
> <quote who="Lex Hider">
>>(1) Do nothing.
>>(2) Include k3b in desktop seed.
>>(3) Include a gtk/gnome app that will create audio CDs.
> With regards to point 3 (which is really the only viable option), it would
> be great if we had Coaster packages to test now that it is in more active
> development. It will probably won't make it into the Desktop seed for Hoary,
> but at least we could try it from universe and test it for future use.


a german Ubuntu user has build a Package for Gnomebacker. It's available 


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