Request: -dbg packages for major Gnome applications

Jerry Haltom wasabi at
Sat Dec 4 17:35:06 CST 2004

Shortly after I wrote that I thought of that possibility. If the -dbg
info is available, the stack trace should be able to be viewed with teh
dbg info, upstream. I guess what made me think about this in the first
place: Every time I have used Bug Buddy to submit a stack trace, usually
to the Gnome bugzilla, somebody tells me I should build it with symbols
for the stack trace to be useful. Means either Gnome doesn't have the
proper info to take my stack trace and make it useful, or they just
don't bother.

Either way, I think providing a on-the-spot -dbg installation button in
Bug Buddy would be extremely useful, for the popular Gnome applications.
Or at least the ones that tend to crash. It would even help me perhaps
pinpoint the problem in order to submit a better bug report.

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