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Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at
Fri Dec 3 20:05:28 CST 2004

<quote who="Martin Maney">

> Please please please reconsider this and focus on good UI design instead.
> Sticking an ever-changing minefield of items into what should be a
> familiar menu is a Stupid Demo Hack, not good UI design.

If we do, indeed, focus on good UI design, it won't be an ever-changing
minefield of items. There are two places where this list may appear - in the
menu, or as an applet. I'm leaving options open for both.

> Take this same idea and allocate a wee bit of space on the bar for fasssst
> access buttons, why don't you?

Note that this was specifically raised in the proposal.

> > Most of this menu should be shared with the Nautilus 'Places' menu,
> > perhaps excluding the bottom three items (including the separator).
> Let me suggest that you recall "consistency" - they should either all be
> shared or none.  This sounds like it's a mild argument that Recent
> Documents and Search don't belong on a menu of places, though if that
> wasn't obvious in the first place this may not seem convincing.

Again, the appropriateness of these items was raised in the proposal. That
said, don't get caught up in false consistency - there is little reason why
excluding those items from the Nautilus Places menu could be seen as harmful

Please try to lean more on constructive arguments than sarcasm in future.

- Jeff

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