Proposed panel menu structure for hoary

Martin Maney maney at
Fri Dec 3 19:46:40 CST 2004

On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 02:47:10AM +1100, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> First off, the Applications menu. Simple goal here - let's keep the focus on
> the apps. :-) Up top is a 4-8 item dynamic list of regularly used apps, so
> you have fassssst access to stuff you run all the time (this will also be

Please please please reconsider this and focus on good UI design
instead.  Sticking an ever-changing minefield of items into what should
be a familiar menu is a Stupid Demo Hack, not good UI design.

Here, prove the point for me.  Explain why you think you need a
separator in the applications menu when this hair-brained scheme is
active.  Q.E.D.

I have a brainwave of my own, should you really think this sort of
shortcut saves an important amount of time.  (and BTW, why is everyone
so obsessed about marginal savings in time in GUIs?  This isn't a
production line where we do the exact same thing time after time after
time until our brains are turned to mush by the monotony, after all.)
Take this same idea and allocate a wee bit of space on the bar for
fasssst access buttons, why don't you?  Voila, no need for a separator
bar to try to make a broken menu usable, and surely move & click is
faster than any access through a slow old drop-down menu?

For either implementation, please at least include a config setting to
disable this feature.

> Most of this menu should be shared with the Nautilus 'Places' menu, perhaps
> excluding the bottom three items (including the separator).

Let me suggest that you recall "consistency" - they should either all
be shared or none.  This sounds like it's a mild argument that Recent
Documents and Search don't belong on a menu of places, though if that
wasn't obvious in the first place this may not seem convincing.

> Finally, we have a 'System' menu. Suggestions welcome for a better name, as
> 'System' is remarkably generic.

With tongue in cheek, allow me to suggest "Etc", or the longer but more
accurate "stuff we don't have a simple name for what it is, but needed
to put somewhere".  But seriously, "System" seems quite adequate. 
Something generic is perfectly fitting, and "System" probably uses
enough space to insure a reasonable spacing of the menus on the bar.

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gur Qvtvgny Zvyyraavhz Pbclevtug Npg.  -- anon.

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