Installers, feature request

Stephen Satchell list at
Mon Jul 26 02:36:03 UTC 2021

When an installer is instructed to use the full disk to install Ubuntu, 
I would request that two checkboxes be provided.  These checkboxes would 
specify that the installer not use the entire disk; one would be for 
10%, the other for 25%.

This option is intended for installations onto Solid State Disks, to 
provide room for the wear-leveling features to be more effective and 
extend the useful life of the SSD drive.

Currently, when I install Ubuntu 20.02 LTS Server Edition, I have to 
wipe out all the logical volume information (I specify LVM) and recreate 
the partition to be smaller.  Then I have to add back the logical group 
and all the logical volumes.  Not the most easy task, and hopeless for 

I'm suggesting two levels, because some people don't want to lose 1/4 of 
their space, in spite of the "experts" saying that 25% reservation is a 
good balance between lost space and drive life.  Ten percent is better 
than none.

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