Is wallch being maintained?

Thomas Ward teward at
Fri Jul 23 20:49:49 UTC 2021

I will make a couple notes here:

(1) You're running Pop OS which DOES have a different DE than wallch was 
developed for.

(2) wallch appears to run fine in the current Ubuntu.  Which suggests 
that the issue is in whichever DE Pop OS uses.  And is why it hasn't 
been removed yet.  (I tested this in my ubuntu impish test environment 
as well as my hirsute environment here)

wallch still works in Ubuntu Impish and Ubuntu Hirsute in main Ubuntu 
core and potentially other flavors.

Digging deeper, it does not seem to have a maintainer team upstream 
anymore as version four was released on SourceForge back in 2014, and 
there's been no development since then.


On 7/20/21 1:56 PM, Russell Almond wrote:
> I'm getting the following error messages when running wallch:
> ralmond at cherry:~$ wallch
> <snip>
> I'm running 4.0-0ubuntu6(hirsute) from Pop_OS 21.04.
> The link to the developer's page appears to be broken (goes to a
> hostname not registered type page).
> Is there an upstream place from which the source code comes?
> Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
> 	--Russell Almond
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